Accelerated Benefits’ consulting services encompass a wide array of measures to ensure a plan is operating at optimum efficiency. To do this, Accelerated Benefits provides analysis and illustration of various funding alternatives for our clients, such as Heath Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, High Deductible Health Plans, probationary plans and more. In addition to renewal evaluation and marketing, we provide plan design analysis, benchmark reporting, and quarterly plan review. We perform audits to ensure dependents are eligible to participate in plans and work to fully examine claims submission to guarantee proper billing practices. AccBen also utilizes the Formfire system to streamline the open enrollment process and can assist with one on one Formfire guidance for employers that may need this service

Specific to partially self-funded plans, we will conduct our exclusive Six D audit to assess the major factors influencing claims experience and cost. In addition, we have the actuarial resources to provide pre-renewal projections, large claim probability modeling, budgeting and contribution analysis including incurred but not reported reserve analysis, trend modeling, financial impact plan design modeling, and reinsurance analysis.

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