Customer Feedback

More than 600 employers have used Accelerated Benefits as their employee benefits consultant.

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“With respect to the staff, I find the AccBen team second to none.
They’ve been fantastic in helping us with our education and made
the transition as seamless as possible.”

Chief Financial Officer
Wholesale Distribution
235 Employees

“AccBen provides not only the strategic expertise to shape our
policies, but also supports the day-to-day administration of
deadlines and details, freeing us to keep our business running at
prime performance. There is not just one AccBen employee who
does a great job—we’ve found that the entire AccBen staff goes
the extra mile. They have already thought ahead and anticipated
what our needs are—and are meeting them before we get there,
five steps ahead of us, providing resourceful solutions for our most
pressing problems.”

Director of Human Resources
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
143 Employees

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“Immediately, AccBen was able to identify the critical issue that
was creating the continuous premium increases. Clearly, AccBen
showed they had the knowledge and expertise we needed to put
an end to our rising insurance premium problem. Accelerated
Benefits provides the expertise to free us to focus on our core
business issues, and our most valuable assets: our employees
and our customers.”

International Retail Market
400 Employees
“We have been working with AccBen for over six years. We are
constantly impressed with the quality and efficiency they deliver
their products and services to all of our associates in 50 states.
They have fulfilled every promise and commitment which is rare in
their industry.”

Director of Comp and Benefits.
Fortune 500 Retail Chain